About South End Fine Arts Academy

The South End Fine Arts Academy at Pritchard at South End was established in September 2014 to train students to use their talents and to provide a positive and wholesome environment in which they may learn. We also believe our ministry is to reach beyond the walls of this church and into our community.

We want to provide a place of quality music and arts instruction where anyone who is interested and has a desire to learn may come to begin or advance in their growth.



The piano is one of the most familiar instruments in the world. At the Academy, we offer private piano lessons, taught by well-trained, energetic and enthusiastic teachers. Students will be given the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential by receiving one-on-one instruction based on learning style and musical level.

Private Lessons in other instruments may be offered on demand.  Please inquire.


Dance at the South End Fine Arts Academy seeks to help students gain skills in all areas of dance including technique, flexibility and fun. Students of all experience levels are welcome, but no experience is necessary! Our mission is to provide quality dance training to all students in a positive environment.

All classes have a virtual option. Please reach out to Melissa Wisor if you would like more information.
As we navigate through uncharted territory with our health and safety, we appreciate your patience and understanding. 
Healthy and Safety Procedures
- All hands must be sanitized prior to entering the building. You will find a hand sanitation station at the door.
- You may choose to drop your child off at the outside door. I will be at the outside door and Ms. Emilee will be at the dance studio door to ensure your child enters safely.
- Adults must wear a mask at all times.   
- Children may wear a mask but not required during their dance class.
- Please do not gather in the lobby or hallway
- At the conclusion of dance, dancers will exit the dance studio all packed and ready to exit the building. We promise to help them change their shoes and pack up their belongings. Parents, please resist the urge to enter the dance studio.
-Parents, to pick up your child, please form a line down the hall where the bathrooms are. Each child will be released as you move through the line. Hopefully this will eliminate the crowd at the door and you can "grab-and-go".
Please be aware of others and respectfully social distance when possible. 


  • Ballet and Tap -  (3:45 PM - 4:30 PM) 2-4 year old
  • Ballet and Tap - (4:35 PM - 5:20 PM) 4-6 year old
  • Ballet, Tap and Jazz  - (5:25 PM - 6:10 PM) 5 - 10 year old


registration and contact

Melissa Wisor, Academy Director

Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church
1117 South Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203